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Preferably, the aluminum profiles produced for architectural purposes should have a good appearance. It is preferable that their appearance and color do not deteriorate in time. Although the natural oxide layer of aluminum protects aluminum against corrosion for years, the thickness of this layer which is naturally 1–2 microns in thickness is increased to 10–25 microns and thereby protection of its appearance is guaranteed. This treatment is known as "anodized."

Anodized is an electrolytic treatment and it can be applied through various methods. In principle, aluminum profiles are immersed in an acidic electrolyte as an anode. A voltage (direct current) is applied between the anode and cathode. The electrolyte decomposes and an oxide layer occurs on the profile. This layer is transparent like glass. This layer protects the aluminum from corrosion. Our company performs anodized coating treatments with different thicknesses, from 5 microns to 25 microns, and in different colors in the eloxal plant, based on the requirements of our customers. We carry out production on different surfaces, such as matte, bright, semi-bright, satin and sandy. Our facility has an International Qualanod Certificate and its annual aluminum profile anodized coating capacity reaches to 800 tons.