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Our aim is to be a leader in the market by providing added value to our customers, shareholders, employees, business partners and society with innovative and creative solutions and to produce according to international standards with an environment- friendly approach. In addition, we aim to create high-performance human resources that are open to learning, development and sharing, adopting all corporate values, thus using all of our capabilities as our capital, creating an environment that promotes long-term relationships.


Demsaş has a mission of establishing direct and transparent communication with its employees, empowering them in line with their capabilities and in a way that they can demonstrate their skills in an efficient manner, take initiatives and produce innovations and create a trust-based working environment. Our company, without compromising its core values, aims to approach its employees and customers from a business ethics, honesty, quality and solution-oriented perspective and thus become the preferred business and solution partner in the market.

Corporate Values

Our company's principle values,

  • Being an honest, confident and transparent company
  • Contribute to the success of our customers
  • Believe in innovative and dynamic development
  • Social responsibility and environmental awareness
  • Believe in teamwork
  • To prioritize quality in production and marketing stage

Quality Policy

Our quality policy consists of,

  • To ensure customer satisfaction
  • Maintaining quality and customer satisfaction in all production, marketing, sales and after sales support stages from raw material supply to shipment
  • Respect for the environment, our employees, our solution partners, our shareholders and our customers
  • To be the best in the sector with managers and employees who adopt continuous improvement oriented values such as education, research and development

Quality and Environmental Policy

  • Demsaş Metal operates under the principles of 'Total Quality Management’
  • All our production processes are carried out according to the principles of TSE (Turkish Standart Institution) and ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System.
  • Our company exhibits a meticulous attitude to comply with international standards in our products and services.
  • Improvements in processes that ensure efficiency and reduction of costs are implemented regularly and systematically.
  • In accordance with its environmental policy, Demsaş Metal has adopted a sensitive attitude to protect the external environment and natural resources.
  • Our company, employees and solution partners to raise awareness about social responsibility and environmental policy and environmental pollution prevention is adopted as a principle to take measures.