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We, Demsaş Metal, as the leading company of the sector commit,

To provide a safer and healthier working environment for our employees, customers, suppliers and visitors while carrying out all our activities and to leave a more livable world for future generations

To comply with the legal regulations that we have to comply with in terms of occupational health and safety and environment and to meet the requirements requested by customers

To identify, evaluate, take necessary measures and continuously improve all risks and risks that may occur in all processes of our company,

To take into consideration the environmental impacts that may occur in all processes of our company, taking measures to prevent pollution at the source, reducing the amount of waste and applying recycling and disposal methods as much as possible

To create a working environment where the responsibilities and powers are shared by the employees at all levels in order to improve the health, safety and environmental awareness among all employees by ensuring the continuity of these measures.

To disseminate health, safety, environmental awareness and sensitivity to all of our stakeholders and to raise the responsibility of training activities and to set the necessary resources