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    Değirmenköy Fevzipaşa Mah.
    Ardıç Sok. No: 4 34586

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    Mahmutbey Mah. Taşocağı Yolu No: 1 Kat: 19
    Polat Tower Basın Ekspres,
    34218 Bağcılar-İstanbul-Turkey

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Billing Manufacturing Facility

Demsash Metal uses the world's most modern casting system to offer its customers the highest quality billet.

Molding Room

We offer services to all sectors with approximately 6,000 types of dies in our portfolio.


Demsaş Metal has 3 extrusion lines with different sizes. Extrusion billet logs of 127 mm, 152 mm and 178 mm are used in these presses. Aluminum alloys with a hardness of T4, T5 and T6 are manufactured using extrusion billet logs of 6000 series.


Preferably, the aluminum profiles produced for architectural purposes should have a good appearance. It is preferable that their appearance and color do not deteriorate in time.

Powder Coating

Aluminum profiles are painted in our electrostatic powder paint plant in different Ral colors and various glosses. Demsaş Metal strictly follows the below principles during painting process:

Sandy Effects

A surface sandblasting machine is used in our facilities not only for assisting in the surface cleaning process, but also achieving a different eloxal surface.

Wood Effects

In this process based on the sublimation principle, the profile is first coated with special powder paint in a proper color, and then it is coated with a different transfer paper and vacuumed and kilned up to a proper temperature.

Mechanical Operation

Demsaş Metal adopts as a principle not to leave the customers a lot of work to do. Initially, it takes the first step by perfectly designing the profile.


Our company considers product development duty based on Research and Development as a fundamental process.

Packaging and Shipping

Our company produces safe, economical, and creative packaging and shipment solutions for our products.

About Us

Demsaş Metal A.Ş., which operates with our 10,500 square meter working area and 170 employees. It was founded by Mehmet Çokyaşar in 1984.

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